1.2. The Denizen Folder

When you first start (or restart) your server with Denizen installed, the Denizen folder should be created under ./plugins/. When you open your ./plugins/Denizen/ folder, you should see something similar to this:

A depiction of the Denizen plugin's directory.

Figure 1.2.1 The plugins/Denizen/ folder

The entities.yml, maps.yml, notables.yml, saves.yml, and scoreboards.yml files all hold various bits of data directly related to a variety of commands in Denizen. It is not recommended to manually edit the values of any of these files. All relevant data should be handled through a script.

You can drag and drop .schematic files into the ./schematics/ folder and .mid files into the ./midi/ folder. The files in those folders are directly used by the schematic and midi commands, where the schematic command can save and load .schematic files to the ./schematics/ folder and the midi command can play .mid files directly from the ./midi/ folder.

And finally, the most important folder of all: ./scripts/! This folder is where you put all of your scripts, and is the first folder Denizen checks for all related scripts. You can create multiple script files in it, along with additional subfolders to organize your scripts. Denizen will check every single folder and .yml file in ./scripts/ to load all scripts possible!