1.1. Introduction

Denizen [1] is a Spigot plugin that gives you an entire scripting language (dScript) to use to customize your Minecraft server experience. You can add custom behavior to NPCs, create custom commands and items, react based on events in the world, create a full interactive experience, and more! It can be used for an RPG experience or simple housekeeping tasks. Your imagination is the limit!

So, what exactly is a script? How should it look? What can we expect of it? What can they do? Will writing a script be harder than dealing with the pain of having or removing wisdom teeth?

A script is essentially a section of text that Denizen reads and converts to code. It grants almost all of the benefits of coding in Java without the unnecessary complexity and has tools that streamline the scripting process.

Scripts are entirely capable of doing anything within the bounds of Minecraft and can replace a variety of plugins. In fact, it extends beyond the limits of the Spigot API and therefore can do more than the standard Spigot plugin. It’s lenient to both beginners and developers. Consider it the Swiss army knife of Minecraft servers.

Surprisingly, scripting using Denizen is incredibly painless. It eliminates much of the hassle that comes from coding in Java and provides an equally competent way of adding new content to your server without additional plugins or mods. Many others have claimed that scripting in Denizen is significantly faster than writing code that does similar things in Java. Nice!

All script files follow the dScript format, which shares some features with YAML. For example, indentation is key. Clear and consistent naming is highly recommended. We will cover more of this in Section 1.3 (dScript Format).

For now, we will assume that you already have a server ready for scripting. If you don’t, consider setting up a local server. You can download BuildTools and view instructions on how to build your own Spigot JAR file on the official BuildTools wiki page.


[1]“Denizen” throughout this website is used to refer to Denizen 1.x for Bukkit/Spigot. There are other versions of Denizen, including Denizen 2.x, which works as a desktop console program and as well on the Sponge minecraft server platform. If you use Sponge, see the Denizen 2 Meta Docs for information on that.